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Our cat and dog vaccinations in Northridge keep your pet safe and prevent a variety of serious illnesses. They offer an easy, effective and affordable way to ensure that your best friend lives a long, happy and healthy life.

Your new pet’s first veterinary visit

Your new pet’s first vet visit should happen when your puppy or kitten is six weeks old. During that appointment, we will review her risk factors based on breed and lifestyle and talk to you about the recommended vaccination schedule. We will also administer her first round of shots and schedule your follow-up visits.

Your kitten’s recommended vaccines

All our cat vaccinations in Northridge also require boosters to maintain protection as your kitten grows.

Chlamydia, rhinotrachitis and calicivirus

These serious respiratory infections and diseases can make your kitten very sick and may lead to severe complications. Cat vaccinations protecting against them are administered at six and twelve weeks.


Distemper is a contagious and life-threatening condition. It attacks your kitten’s blood cells and causes anemia – which increases his vulnerability to other diseases. Distemper is also vaccinated against at six and twelve weeks.

Feline leukemia

Feline leukemia damages the immune system and causes certain types of cancers. As such, it is responsible for many deaths among household cats. We administer cat vaccinations for feline leukemia at 12 weeks and three months.


Rabies is a serious disease that attacks the central nervous system and can be fatal in some cases. Fortunately, our veterinarians can prevent it with our cat vaccinations in Northridge when your kitten is three months old.

Your puppy’s recommended vaccines

The core dog vaccinations listed below are those that are given to all dogs at our Northridge clinic, regardless of breed or exposure risk.


DHLPP is one of the dog vaccinations in Northridge that protects against a number of serious diseases, including hepatitis, leptospirosis, parovirus, parainfluenza and distemper. Many of these conditions can be fatal, so it’s an extremely important vaccination. Your puppy will receive shots protecting him from these diseases at 6, 9, 12 and 16 weeks, along with boosters beginning at one year.


Rabies is transmitted through a bite from another animal that carries the disease. It is a serious (and sometimes fatal) virus that attacks the brain and nervous system. Your pet will receive the rabies vaccination at 3 and 15 months, along with booster shots every three years.

In addition to the above dog vaccinations, there are non-core vaccines that we may administer depending on where you live and your pet’s breed. During your first visit to our Northridge clinic, we will talk to you about which non-core vaccines may be appropriate.

FAQ: Do I need to stick to the recommended vaccination schedule?

We receive this question often because many pet owners are concerned about the potential risks associated with vaccines. In general, we believe that early protection is the best protection. As such, we recommend getting your animal vaccinated according to the recommended schedule whenever possible.

Missed your pet’s shots? What to do next…

If your pet has never been vaccinated or if you’re unable to confirm the vaccination history of your adopted older pet, we are here to help. Our veterinarians will examine your animal, talk to you about his risk factors, and devise a plan to bring his vaccinations up-to-date and ensure that he’s protected.

Make an appointment today

Your pet’s wellbeing is our number one priority. Contact our Northridge clinic today to schedule an appointment for cat and dog vaccinations, and take an important step in ensuring that your best friend has a long and healthy life.

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